Jeff Jung – Lead Pastor/Elder

Family: Jihyun (wife), Rachel, Joshua, Taylor, Caleb

Education: B.A. from University of Nevada, Reno. M-Div. from Gateway Seminary

Favorites: the Bible, coffee, theology, soccer, good books and sushi.


Brian Bailey – Admin. Assistant

Family:  Leslie (wife) Hannah, Austin (married to Haven), Claire (married to Gray)

Education: B.A. from Dallas Christian College. M-Div. from Emmanuel Seminary

Occupation: Uber/ Lyft driver, Handyman

Favorites: People around our table, beekeeping, gardening, remodeling, Tim Keller books and podcasts, C.S. Lewis.


Cullen Grant – Youth Director

Family:  Ashleigh (wife)

Education: Studies Psychology @ ACC

Occupation: Manager at Nixon’s Coffee

Favorites: Coffee, Snowboarding, reading and music.



Matt Whitacre – Elder

Family: Leann (wife), Hannah, Adelyn, Brielle, Josiah

Education: B.A. Cedarville University. M-Div. Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

Vocation: Director of Serve Asia, short term mission program of OMF

Favorites: Thai iced tea, running, Coldplay, audio books.


Dereje Beyene – Church Planting Intern

Family: Rahel (wife), Missat, Mengist, Dagim, Yihonal. Together their names mean ‘Kingdom belongs to God when the King comes!’

Education: B.A. Addis Ababa Bible College. M.A. Denver Seminary.


Matt Christensen – Elder

Family: Laurie (wife), Corban, Brody